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Snapchat ecosystem is here. The tools you should know the existence of

At first sight, this mobile app is like a remote island with strictly limited access. You must obey Snapchat quirky rules or just leave it and never come back. But it’s time for a significant change. Snapchat world is now more accessible thanks to a bunch of useful tools.

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Check whether Snapchat has a niche for you

166-million, quite mature, community sending snaps everyday means there is a lot of space for marketing and business efforts. However, many people still don’t know how to operate there or who could use Snapchat and, last but not least, what to use it for. Here we come, to help everyone in need of an insight.

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How American football clubs snap. NFL on Snapchat

There are many reasons to follow NFL clubs on Snapchat. The Super Bowl is just the icing on the cake. You can be a witness of history in the making, snap by snap. So check this list below and find your favourite team(s) on Snapchat.

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We know what Snapchat users think about Spectacles

Coming with vivid yellow charging case, the holiday-styled device looks so classy that shouldn’t be a surprise that everyone wants to wear it. But apart from a perfect appearance, do Snapchat glasses offer anything more than the lenses? Is it the real treat or not? Here’s what we’ve found out.

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To grow fast, Snapchat should bear in mind the following things

The first months on Wall Street weren’t lucky for Snapchat. First quarter earnings were weak. Audience growth wasn’t satisfied. Many concerns appeared. But it’s too early to judge Spiegel’s efforts after IPO. Let’s focus on what Snapchat needs to grow, fast of course.

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