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10 most hilarious Snapchat trophies

Every minute of every day and every step they make, Snapchat owners struggle to grab their audience’s attention, and as a result make them not leave this mobile app. A core of this machine of engagement are 24-hour snaps. It’s not everything, though. Snapchat has another secret weapon called trophies.

Snap trophies were established to offer incentive for active creativity among users. They are sort of emoji-like badges, which user can receive upon accomplishing certain tasks like sending a video snap, for example. Snap trophies do their work very well. Additionally, they are considered to be one of the most playful features available on this mobile app.

So far, you can collect over 30 of them. Some of them are easy to earn, some not, though. However, don’t fret because we selected for you the most intriguing Snap trophies. They’re creme-de-la-creme and they’re worth getting :)

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