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10 reasons to justify the importance of Snapchat Spectacles

Over half a year ago, Snapchat introduced its first device called Spectacles. These smart sunglasses allow to record and publish snaps without tapping on a smartphone. You can treat them as an alternative to the GoPro or Google Glass 2.0. Undoubtedly, Snapchat Spectacles have been making some noise on the market. So let’s look at how people and brands get crazy about snapping with their aid.

Until recently, Spectacles were available only for people living in the US. Fortunately, Snapchat has carefully listened to requests from its users outside North America. At the beginning of this summer, they have appeared in the biggest European cities via pop-up vending machines called Snapbots. However, you shouldn’t be worried if you couldn't find nor had time to catch any of them. Finally, Snap has launched selling Spectacles on Amazon so you can order them from wherever you’re living.

Since their debut in the fall of 2016, these smart sunglasses haven’t conquered the global market yet. They’re still a niche product. It’s estimated that no more than a few hundred thousand items have been bought so far. Despite these unsatisfying results, Snapchat users love this product. They have fun with them in many different ways sharing their Spectacles experience on Twitter then.

Due to our fascination with this device, in March we launched Spectacles’ Moments on Twitter. It’s a weekly series where we showcase the finest examples of how people and companies have used Spectacles for the last 7 days. So far, we have head to the 19th edition of Spectacles’ Moments. On occasion of the incoming 20th part of Spectacles’ Moments, we picked these which explain and show how your brand or company can take advantage of them.

And they prove that a future of tv starts here, on Snapchat.

1. Inside business 



2. Make incredible coverage




3. Innovation in entertainment



4. A new dimension of sport experience 






5. Competition for Discovery channels? Why not!





6. As well as for music television



7. Delivering individual travel impressions



8. Customer experience on higher level



9. The future of tv



10. YouTube, watch out!






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