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24 content ideas which can be advantageous to your brand on Snapchat

This is probably one of the most intriguing issues for brands which consider or have just launched their operations on Snapchat. No one wants to send snap with shame, for sure. Is it possible to select the content types on Snapchat, generally? It’s a little bit more complicated matter than content formats available on this mobile app, but we managed to do it after all.

Following over 100 accounts of various categories (from tourism, entertainment, e-commerce to finance, sports, celebrities and public institutions) on Snapchat daily, we can dig out the best practices when it comes to content of snaps. Some of them are obvious, nothing special. But other will make an impression on you.

  1. Product showcase

This is the most common content type of each social media platform. If you run business, you want to display and sell certain products or services.

product showcase on Snapchat

  1. Inspire people or be an inspiration for them

Rick Ross aka FerarriFatboy is the Snapinspirator without a doubt. However, he's not the only one on Snapchat to engage with it. Sometimes Puff Daddy tries to copycat his friend. Generally, snapping about motivation, inspiration, especially related to personal afterthoughts make you more credible. Your communication style becomes genuine.

inspiration on Snapchat

  1. Snapgame

Entertainment on Snapchat? It hasn’t happened to date. Snap as content format ignites human creativity making this mobile app compelling.


  1. Lifestyle

In other words, all non-business or business-less items (events, meetings, funny things) to make sure your followers don’t get bored. Just carpe diem by you with your company.

lifestyle on Snapchat


  1. Set up contests

People love them because they give them an opportunity to win something, regardless of the size of the award. Content is simple bait to make people come back for more.

contest on Snapchat


  1. Takeovers

The rising of the importance of social media influencers among marketers explains why many entities cooperate with them in a digital reality. Unlike the Instagram-based influencers, who are mostly related to fashion or tourism aspect, Snapchat influencers have established a creative engine of this mobile app. They shoot films, making amusing doodles and above.

takeover on Snapchat

  1. User-generated content

Every involved fan makes your business stronger.

user-generated content on snapchat

  1. Foodporn

People can’t live without eating. And they enjoy it when they can share their yummy-in-my-tummy experience.

foodporn on Snapchat


  1. Call-to-action

If you want people to do something, just tell them what they should do. Nobody can read in your mind.

example of call to action on Snapchat


  1. Behind the scene

Unofficial, casual signs and vibes can pique curiosity among your business.

behind the scene on Snapchat

  1. Promotion/ Sale

As we mentioned a few weeks ago, social commerce on Snapchat both exists and flourishes. And here is another example of what it looks like.

promotion on Snapchat

  1. Q&A

Let’s imagine: an interview made directly from messages sent on Snapchat. We haven’t noticed it yet, maybe it will be an encouragement for some brands to go for. Who knows.

Q&A on Snapchat


  1. Making snapdoodles

Whether you believe it or not, Snapchat amazingly ignites inventiveness on unnoticeable scale.

doodle on Snapchat


  1. Motion-picture-like cartoons

Animation on Snapchat - are you surprised?

animation on Snapchat

  1. Selfies

Taking selfies is an act of expression of people's identity. By them, they want to stress what they wear, what they look like, waiting for response in accordance with their current statement. According to the Georgia Institute of Technology study, over half of them regarding appearance. However, selfies can also represent other issues such as travel, fitness and health as well as human environment (family, friends, pets).

selfie on Snapchat

  1. Brand-person-hero

It’s also known as Snapreporter or employee-hero.

employee hero on Snapchat

  1. A sneak-peek

Revealing secrets, hidden gems and hints are people’s favourites. It takes on a whole new meaning on Snapchat.

sneak peek on Snapchat

  1. Russian roulette

People prefer when others give a chance to catch a luck. They feel better and are upbeat.

Russian roulette on Snapchat

  1. Providing real-time experience

Giving fast response for current situation or issue is what brands and companies have learnt from social media. Being flexible and possessing agile attitude are required to build a distinguished image on Snapchat.

real-time marketing on Snapchat

  1. #TBT

Even though Snapchat doesn’t support hashtags, some digital manners were imported there by its users. TBT is an acronym for Throwback Thursday. It’s a time - on every Thursday of course - when people post the positive moments from past on social media.

TBT on Snapchat

  1. Offer giveaways

Everyone likes freebies, don’t you? On Snapchat you can offer a digital wallpaper, for example.

giveaway on Snapchat

  1. Cross promotion

Until recently, you couldn't leverage a power of your audience on Snapchat to generate traffic from this mobile app. Now you can, thanks to two features. One of them is a paperclip, which allows you to enclose URL to snap, regardless of its format (photo/ video). The second solution is to embrace your QR code. In other words, you may temporarily hide a secret link in your pattern of black dots.

cross promotion on Snapchat

  1. Snap music

Share you’re human, so share your passion, share your music.

music on Snapchat

  1. Do something totally off-the-wall

It’s not a typical takeover. You can co-host other VIP on your account, for example. As Mauricio Mauri, a current President of Argentina, did recently during The G20 summit in Hamburg. He invited the Prime Minister of Canada and daughter of President of United States to snap for a while.

special event on Snapchat

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