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Top 30 inspiring creatives worth following on Snapchat

This is not only a communication tool for exchanging messages. Snapchat is more than a device whereby to make short spontaneous, raw videos is a piece of cake. This mobile app allows you to unleash creativity in many ways too.

Have you ever thought that while editing or cropping snaps, you could make a brand-new art? It might be kind of collage or something like that. Putting doodles or - thanks to Prism feature - art-like filters on snap, you may hone your artistry state of mind. So can a mobile app be a great digital utensil? Of course and Snapchat is perfect for that.

On Snapchat, you may stumble upon prolific individuals making marvelous masterpieces and spilling over the digital world. Some of these talented creators are full-time Snapchat makers. For others, it’s kind of a hobby. However, they’re not rarities, they come by the dozen. And they grow in number. Their outputs bear out that taking snaps might be an art, really. Here Snapchat art comes.


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