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6 simple steps to reclaim your Snapchat streaks

Snapchat users love taking snaps, particularly applying geofilters and adding lenses. They don’t do these snaps for themselves, though. Communication with friends is the main reason for them to do it. Fostering these digital relationships on a daily basis is the key to understand the uniqueness of this mobile app. Without streaks (as Snapchatters call them), snapping is worthless.

Streaks are kind of one-to-one conversations between Snapchat users. If they don’t want these chatters to disappear, friends have to interact with each other at least once a day. And it doesn’t matter whether it’s Monday, Sunday, or whether you’re on holiday. It sounds quite challenging, however, Snapchat users massively obeyed these rules and enjoy them. You wouldn’t believe how many streaks last hundreds of days.

However, nobody is perfect and sometimes Snapchatters forget about their daily obligation. After a streak disappears, people start crying over spilt milk on Twitter. Fortunately, they can bring back their streaks. To do it, they need to follow a few steps.

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