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7 ways for small business (as well as startups) to find their feet on Snapchat

When you’re a typical budding entrepreneur, your business comes across many difficulties and various obstacles. At the beginning, you generally experience insufficiency of time, money and manpower. An order of them doesn’t matter because you need them all, immediately. Thus, if you don’t have a partner-in-crime, you’re forced to be a one-man band.

In this case, you have to rack your brains how to make all these ends meet. Being an all-in-one salesman, accountant and product manager becomes necessity. At the same time, you’re aware that one of your marketing pillars should be social media-tied. However, you don’t have time to come up with an idea nor a vision how to adapt to this digital environment, where you should be for the sake of your product or service. And outsourcing is something you won’t resort to.

Fortunately, we’re in the swim. We will help you make these first steps on Snapchat. This tiny guide below will let your small business do well for itself on this mobile app.

Pick employee who will be your brand-hero on Snap

Nowadays, people are not really fans of stuffy, rigid communication style. They demand peer-to-peer relations. Be human, stupid! It’s especially crucial in the social media world. People don’t want to speak with brands like strange creatures but with people who truly represent them; who are correspondents for audience. This makes authentic and friendly communication. However, it doesn’t mean that you have to hire someone like Jimmy Fallon or Brian Williams. Hairsplitting isn’t required. Just discover your imperfect but genuine snapstyle in your employees.

Sharing experience from working with partners

In face of social media domination as turning into prime media, providing added value should be marketing preponderance. You can provide it by showcasing people from companies you cooperate with. Forging awareness of being in business circle is important. People can watch what you are doing currently. For sure, they crave for business lifestyle. Thus, share with your audience the unique experience which they never feel anywhere else. So don’t forget to regularly go out of your office to catch compelling snapstories.

Insights related to customer service

Feedback from customers is a great value which builds business reliability. It’s also your secret weapon also known as social proof. People are talking about your product or service because, we assume, you do an excellent job at a certain field. Your solution saved one’s life or helped others cope with extreme challenges. And it’s also a smart trick to grab attention of your potential customers. Why not leverage Snapchat as a tool to manage and maintain a kindred spirit with loyal customers?


When you think about social media, one of first the first thoughts that come to your mind is probably a common usage of hashtags by people. They tap them to express or stress something. Unlikely to most social media platforms, Snapchat owners hadn’t expected this feature to be suitable for its users. But they were wrong. Hashtags were organically imported there by Snapchat users. One of the best known is #TBT, which is an acronym for Throwback Thursday. On every Thursday, people share their particular moments from the past. Following this way, business can remind groundbreaking moments from its history or business field.

Arrange Q&A sessions

Sending direct messages between users is a core of peer-to-peer interaction on Snapchat. Thanks to it, everyone can (somehow) comment each snap by leaving a short-lived message to its author. So why not embrace this feature to conduct something bigger for business like question-and-answer meeting for customers and journalists? It would be a distinctive approach in shaping brand expertise in the social media world.

Leverage real-time marketing

News circulation has been tremendous since social media platforms emerged. Since then, companies and brands have learnt to adapt to extremely different rules and tough reality. To stand out, keeping a business finger on the pulse became a new criterion for them. In other words, the business competition level is based on how much it can draw people’s attention, which is limited value. To entice the audience, brands are aware of the importance of giving an immediate response to current issues or situations. Prompt reactions can, in turn, lift up their presence.

Cooperate with Snap influencers

Running a small business, you can’t afford to pay thousands of bucks for cooperation with any Snapchat rock star. But sometimes you can stumble upon a micro influencer, who will make a deal with you on mutually favourable terms. Keep in mind that difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations.

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