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All the secrets you need to know before you launch your e-commerce on Snapchat

Like every social media platform, attempting to turn the digital world order established by Facebook and Google on its head, Snapchat was called an underdog. Not surprisingly, many people question the business purpose of this mobile app. Someone could say it’s not worth paying attention to because it can’t prove its selling power. Someone else may try to convince you that Snapchat is for big brands, global names only. But it’s not true, and I’d like to lay out my reasons why.

Because of low barrier entry, Snapchat is a great option for small businesses, especially those willing to grow as an online entity. However, this mobile app demands to get to know a brand-new way of communication with the audience. There’s no place for collecting likes or comments. Building community for brands on Snapchat is peculiar. I would compare in to and place it somewhere between transparency from Big Brother tv shows and authenticity of punk rock.

And you probably think that Snapchat is a perfect place for fashion-based e-commerce business. You’re right. According to eMarketer data, 78% of fashion brands are there. However, It doesn’t mean they make the best use of it. Surprisingly, big names from e-commerce world (Polyvore, Wanelo, Amaliah, to name a few) have Snapchat profiles, but they haven’t sent any snap for very long time. Others (check Boohoo, for example) are just focusing on snapping their products without providing added value, though. Their snaps often remind me a video product catalogue.

Fortunately, there are exceptions like Poshmark and Sophia Webster.

Following Poshmark on Snapchat, you can see this online marketplace for women’s fashion knows the best what to do to catch audience eye there and then engage it. Some examples of various categories of its snaps are as follows:

Leveraging real-time marketing


Making cross-promotion of incoming events


Sharing fashion styles represented by Poshmark team




Delivering simple screenshot-based games



In turn, Sophia Webster Snapchat is worth following for two reasons:

Having a snapreporter



Sharing funny confessions from customers

However, when it comes to e-commerce on Snapchat, the king is not a fashion-based business. It's an online shop with … socks. Yeah, you got that right - socks on Snapchat rule. At first glance, it sounds pretty ridiculous. But the case of Feat Socks is a pattern how online shops should think about the presence on Snapchat.

Why does its snaps are so great? There are many reasons.

Taylor Offer, a co-founder at Feat Socks, is a gatekeeper. Every day he opens company doors for the Snapchat audience.

Feat Socks sets up giveaways


This Boston-based online shop informs about new products


It also shares confessions from customers


Feat Socks team share funny events related to business too


Sometimes employees are in charge of Snapchat profile

Real-time marketing is familiar to Feat Socks

For this e-commerce business, Snapchat is also a tool to manage a relationship with employees

Surprisingly, this online shop from Boston is not the only socks-related business which you can come across on Snapchat. Hoopswagg is another one. Its snaps are unique too.

And remember - Snapchat can sell. It's a fact.

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