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Check whether Snapchat has a niche for you

166-million, quite mature, community sending snaps every day means there is a lot of space for marketing and business efforts. However, many people still don’t know how to operate there or who could use Snapchat and, last but not least, what to use it for. Here we come, to help everyone in need of an insight. 

On Snapchat, you can come across rappers, celebrities, actors or YouTubers shooting uncanny images and short clips. One question comes to mind: does there exist a golden list of professions which could embrace the potential of this mobile app? Of course not. And (so far) it hadn’t been conceived because, at first glance, the complexity of Snapchat interface scares away everyone who has to understand a string of such sophisticated words as lenses, streaks, (geo)filters. 

Finally, who should really consider a presence on Snapchat? To both inspire and draw attention to the idea, we have come up with this kind of list. This set was made not because we think but rather we - based on our current experience - feel it would be helpful for everyone who would like to make their way towards Snapchat, but has no clue how to do it. Also, it could be a great reference point for businesses willing to be there.

Movie reviewer

Snapchat as next YouTube? Why not. Especially for those who don’t want devote hours to prepare and make endless edits to release a few minute stuff. You just snap it - record and publish at the same time. Additionally, attention lasts seconds not minutes, nowadays. Because of information overload, we expect a short film review, not an elaborate essay. Even when its quality is far from perfect.

Digital learning tutor

The more omnipresent remote work is becoming, the more remote education is becoming a new standard. In digital reality, people have to deal with acquiring knowledge, skills, and competencies on an enormous scale. Without it, they get lost on the market. Mobile solutions are not enough.

Current possibilities should allow conducting a short, one-on-one interaction with a learner. Based on Snapchat stories, education will be accessible and will respond to challenges of 21st century. It’s not only wishful thinking. It’s happening. There are the teachers who are edu-trailblazers. Let’s mention John Walter from California or Natasha Lynch from Ireland. If you’re wondering how it really looks, take a look at French Notes.

Food specialist

When we take a look at social media, we will see that this is one of the most popular topics. Who of you don't know #foodporn? People compulsively need to share what and when they eat. We deeply believe that Snapchatters are waiting for fancy meals images - to be inspired, for example. It’s also a great option for the whole culinary business, an option still discovered. So be the first to take advantage of it!


Push marketing is dying or has already died. Users often use adblock solutions because it’s their manifesto act aimed at whole advertising industry. In other words, they don’t want to be treated like a monkey in a zoo. They, especially Millennials and teens, demand trust, transparency and added value approach.

Thanks to this app, an ordinary salesman can turn into web influencer and build a community. Still not convinced? So let’s read about Snaplistings case study, check out how this NYC-based consumer electronics shop use this mobile app. You don’t have to be rude to sale your product or service. Still need more inspirations? This is our blog post about e-commerce on Snapchat that can prove helpful.


Technology allows us to elevate every second of every day. Thanks to ubiquitous smartphones, everyone can take high-quality images and share them with people. On Snapchat, photo specs can manage professional activities enticing others, potential customers, by providing their visual daily/ visual storytelling-based portfolio.

XXX star 

When it comes to technology implementation, the adult industry has always been the leader. It had paved the way for other industries. Do you remember which branch first used virtual reality, video streaming or online payment? It’s the porn industry, of course.

Snapchat is the next territory where this business has been growing. Especially that a barrier to entry is low, encouraging attractive women and men to give it a try. Surely, scouts from adult industry are aware of Snapchat potential and they are looking for emerging stars there. Check out, LushShots or FilthShots, the Snapchat trends on Twitter, or BBC coverage about it.

Personal branding guru

Brands and companies struggle to find the common language with the youth. Adapting new technologies is a key to be a peer for Generation Y/ Z. Some brands - Goldman Sachs, Citi, Lufthanza, even UK’s NHS to name a few - have learned their lesson.

The Snapchat profile becomes an alternative to CV too. Headhunters can get to know not only how someone speaks, learn about one’s interests but also observe one’s body language and see the candidate in a different than format situation. Personal brand nurturing has reached a new level. It might be a surprise for you that students start looking internship through Snapchat. And yet it works.

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