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Deadly marketing mistakes to be avoided on Snapchat

A mistake - one of few words that no one likes. Making it causes discomfort and triggers the feeling of guilt resulting from choosing a wrong way. We’re taught to associate blunders with shame. But it’s over. At least when it comes to marketing on Snapchat.

Nobody is perfect, especially in marketing. However, you could do more to reach this perfect state of mind, final business destination on Snapchat. How? By carefully reading what we prepared for you. These tips will lead you to be a marketing pro on this mobile app.

1. Taking snaps horizontally not vertically

This is a weird but quite ubiquitous mistake, which you may come across this mobile app. However, Snapchat audience is accustomed to watching your snap from top to bottom. Remember, Snap users consume snaps vertically.

Use Snapchat horizontally not vertically


2. Using hashtags and tagging people  

Some people forget that Snapchat isn’t Instagram. Thus, some features, which are available in competition, don’t work here.


3. Puting URLs on snap

One of drawbacks of this mobile app was inability to insert URLs to snap. Fortunately, It has changed after rolling out Paperclip feature.


4. Snapping without exact aim or plan

Even if Snap is quite a spontaneous app, snapping without rhyme or reason is what you should never do.

Don't do it on Snapchat


5. Making too many snaps daily

On average, Snap user spends there for 30 minutes daily. But it doesn’t mean brands should send snaps as often as possible. 10-20 snaps daily are recommended. Above this number, people will start avoiding your profile.


6. Too frequent use of stuff from other social media networks

Snapchat isn’t an Instagram brother nor a Facebook sister. It’s a mobile app and its audience looks forward to receiving exclusive experience. Let’s care for it. Don’t spam stuff from your Camera Roll because it’s really lame.

Don'y overuse your Camera Roll for your Snapchat content


7. Overusing takeovers

Setting them is an easy way to fulfil your activity on Snapchat. The devil is in the detail, though. It's really simple to overdo it. Thus, it might be a terrible experience for your users.

Takeover on Snapchat is a good thing, it's not a Holy Grail, though.


8. Focusing too much on product showcase

Instead of delivering added, unique value or storytelling. Work out a balance, in other words.


9. Paying too much attention to one subject in terms of taking snaps (events' coverage, corporate life, takeovers)

Don’t be boring.


10. Using only one type of content format (video or photos)

As above.


11. Make mistake with Snapchat URL

When you put your Snapchat button, including “snapchat.com/username”, on your website, no one (even if she/he could), will find you on this mobile app. A catch? A wrong URL string. The pattern of Snapchat URL is following: snapchat.com/ADD/username. This is a little difference that makes a difference.


12. Failing to mention your Snapchat presence on website

Sending tweets with your snapcode on Twitter isn’t the only way to showcase your appearance on this mobile app. We collected some tips for you there. One of them is caring to promote your snapcode on your site. It really works.


Photo cover source: Matthew Henry 

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