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How American football clubs snap. NFL on Snapchat

It’s not only a bedrock for legacy of American sports but also a part of identity for the US citizens. This is like relationship between soccer and Europe - you can’t imagine one without the other. American football - along with baseball, ice hockey and basketball - drives young and old people across the world delivering unique experience which is impossible to replicate outside that country. 

Every mentioned US sports disciplines has own global brand: NBA (basketball), NHL (ice hockey), MLB (baseball), NFL (American football). But let’s look at the last one because National Football League is an interesting case, especially on Snapchat. First, its audience is dynamically growing. 42 million Snapchat users watched NFL matches during 2016-2017 season. It’s a significant increase in comparison to the 2015-2016 season figures (30 million). Second, American football has a huge Snapchat fan base in Australia too. 

What’s more, NFL teams are aware of the power of Snapchat. Each of the 32 clubs - from two conferences -  has an official profile on this mobile app. However, some of them are more active than others. For example, on Snapchat you can stumble upon the cheerleaders who warm up Houston Texans or Tennessee Titans. In turn, Pittsburgh Steelers prepared a pretty snapgame for its fans, who can face swap with their favourite players. As you can see, Steelers’ fans have loved it. 

Of course, Snap fascination has radiated into NFL players too. They have their own Snapchat profiles. Most of them snap from National Football Conference (Dallas Cowboys, Detroit Lions, Minnesota Vikings, Philadelphia Eagers, Washington Redskins, to name a few). 

There are more reasons to follow NFL clubs on Snapchat. The Super Bowl is just the icing on the cake. You can be a witness of history in the making, snap by snap. So check this list below and find your favourite team(s) on Snapchat.


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