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Latest Snapchat marketing tips for higher education and universities

In the post World War II era, the young had to rebuild the world from scratch. They have set a brand-new reality with certain order and rules in economy, for example. In today’s world, however, the impact younger generations have is of no less importance. The new generations have shaped our digital reality. Let’s look at the evolution of social media. Snapchat is the promised land for Gen Y and Gen Z. No wonder institutions of higher education have massively entered the snap world to be with them.

Although, according to L2 research, this mobile app is dominated by beauty and hair care entities, countless universities and colleges - especially from North America - are there. It shouldn’t be a surprise. Institutions of higher education want to be where their audience is. Recent data gathered by LendEDU revealed that Snapchat is a social media-based communication leader among students’ community. In other words, this mobile app is a primary destination for people aged 18-to-34 strikingly leaving Instagram behind.

There is a misleading assumption that young audience isn’t as attractive as people 35+ are in terms of depth of their pockets. However, there are always two sides of the coin. On the one hand, students are not valuable target because they study and if they work they are low-wage earners. On the other hand, Gen Y and Gen Z are promising customers because brands can, for example, bring them up, growing up with them and finally build a loyal audience. But it’s a long-term and money-consuming process.

However, there’s another strong reason behind assumption that young people should be by no means neglected by marketers. And it’s the impact they have on their parents when choosing a college or university. Halls of knowledge use a string of marketing tools to draw them; to persuade young people to study here and not there. One of such tools is, of course, Snapchat. Unfortunately, many of these institutions use it in an ordinary, unremarkable way, without the social media drive.

If you represent an educational institution in marketing field and really don’t know how to employ this mobile app to achieve success, we have good news for you. Recently Mish Guru crew released Snap Book, a free guide on how to build engagement among students on Snapchat. Based on over 2 BILLION (incredible!) data points, it provides a set of indispensable tips and tricks for colleges/ universities on Snapchat.

One of the most valuable parts of this digital manual is a compilation of communication approach recommended by Mish Guru. It includes the five ways to better explain a development of user interaction as well as competitive advantage on this mobile app. This looks as follows:

User generated content

The power of crowdsourcing is what was invented in social media and what is its greatest weapon. There’s no more enjoyable moment than when you see your audience, your followers can co-create a history of their alma mater with real identification. This is more trustworthy than any money invested in a Super Bowl ad.

Different perspectives

Avoid repetition of plots and perspectives, as this will end up in your communication being perceived as boring. You can’t always get excited over campus’ properties or events organized by you. Find out unique values, elements, advantages which can create a genuine story of this place. Curiosity is the key. Make a plan with content cycles. You should think like a journalist, in the first place.


This communication approach is highly hazardous. Before you do it, design a strict policy to help you manage these events. If you don’t know how to get a move on it, take a look how Binghamton University or University of Michigan do it.

Delivering exclusive content

If you don’t want your Snapchat university to be a ghost town, you have to look after a quality of your activities. It’s really a simple solution. Generally, you have to keep in mind that an engagement rate and how much time people may spend on your profile depend on how your approach differs from the approach of others. Maybe you should focus on arranging takeovers with your partners. Maybe you should mention that your scientists are amazing because of their stunning solutions which they work on. Find your one of the kind potential. Ontario-based Ted Rogers School of Management, Ohio State UniversityStratford High School, Florida State University, University of LincolnUniversity of Wisconsin–Green BayEdinburgh University, among others, have done it.

Scavenger hunt

Snapchat allows you to involve people online and offline at the same time. You can combine challenge and pure fun. It’s an ideal way to strengthen your relationship with the community which will spread this message further.

Along with advice for universities provided by Mish Guru crew, we would like to add a few tips.

Real-time marketing

Being a marketer, no matter what branch you represent, you have to be up-to-date, in terms of technological solutions, but also act fast. Incredibleness of news circulations forces to operate more broadly. You have to know what happens outside regularly and what draws people’s attention. Your institution shouldn't be an ivory tower but an entity taking advantage of fitting into current trends.

A part of social media journey

Although Snapchat is a favourite social networking site for students, it doesn’t mean they are only there. They open this mobile app to check recent snaps for certain reason. Snapchat is an element of their daily social media experience. That’s why you should figure out how to leverage this mobile app to enhance your appearance on Facebook or YouTube and vice versa. For example, you could upload snaps from takeover to Facebook fanpage you could upload as one video to extend the life of the content.

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