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Examples of real-time marketing on Snapchat

Enormous popularity of social media has led businesses to a completely different level of operation. They had to switch on an up-to-date mode which caused 24/7 standby. User attention, along with data, became a brand-new currency. It considers Snapchat too.

A given moment of time is a modern battlefield between brands and companies. They have to be on constant alert, ready to respond fast to certain issues as well as struggle to engage users at least for a while. Thus, real-time marketing is a tactical tool which is nowadays highly required to build competitive edge.

Temporary and elusive nature of current marketing sphere has additionally sharped it. Stop reckoning that your business must “differentiate or die” because this approach is outdated. It doesn’t work anymore. Get rid of this belief if you haven’t done it yet. To keep your business in business, you have to leverage snaps in proper contexts. Otherwise, you will die.

Some of the brands and companies have experience in doing it well on Snapchat. Let’s learn from them.

Independence Day in the USA

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The Solar Eclipse

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Anniversary of 9/11

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Coffee Day

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