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Snapchat community is waiting for these features

Nobody is perfect, and mobile app creators are no exception. Because of audience’s expectations, which are usually partly unknown, it’s quite tricky to develop an unflawed product. That’s why a rollout of the mobile app is the first step to perfection. And the Snapchat team knows it well.

Although it has developed many features, Snapchat still lacks much of what the users need. It looks like chasing rabbits or never-ending story. Thus, many Snapchat users complain about it. Fortunately, there’s a possibility to identify weaknesses which drive the users of this mobile app mad. After a few weeks of research, based on opinions taken from Twitter, we chose these features which Snapchat should implement immediately.

1. Groups

When you land on Snapchat - and if you don’t integrate your account with Facebook contacts or email list - it’s difficult to find new friends. It might not motivate to use this app so often. Based on interesting topics, Snapchat groups could make the user doesn't feel lonely. Moreover, they could allow chatting with selected friends at the same time.

2. Longer videos

As you know, every Snapchat video can last up to 10 secs. It means you have to be careful and don’t waste any second. On the one hand, it boosts creativity. But on the other hand, non-diehard users would feel uncomfortable and ditch this app. New Snapchat video formats (30-second and 60-second, for example) would fulfill the need for longer messages.

3. Multiple accounts

It would be a great message, especially for marketers and companies which operate under many brands.

4. Faster loading app

According to recent Google data, mobile user attention lasts up to 5 secs. Beyond this point, the frustrations sets in. It’s also related to comfort at snapping. If it’s better - faster, people will use this app more often.

5. Lower power consumption

Like any multimedia mobile app, Snapchat requires smartphones with a long battery life. But we believe there are smart ways not to be dependent on electric socket. Snapchat Lite should be an option, for instance. 

6. Save favorite filters

Snapping daily, you come across a little different set of filters. Some of them are lovely, but they are gone. Like bookmarking interesting websites, this feature might be extremely useful for the Snapchat community.

7. Panorama view

As a multimedia mobile app, Snapchat should deliver the unique visual experience. It means no redundant boundaries when it comes to video making or taking photos. Keep in mind, that 360 degree-based technology is becoming ubiquitous.

8. Streak’s notification

So far, it’s the most powerful element to draw attention of the young to Snapchat. Snapstreak occurs when two people snap (send photo/ video) to each other, at least once a day. If they forget to send a snap some day, then the game is over, and everything starts from scratch. In other words, the core feature of snapstreak is to maintain (visual) chat as long as it’s possible. Unfortunately, Snapchat doesn’t inform you about the imminent danger of the end of a game.

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