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Snapchat ecosystem is here. The tools you should know the existence of

At first sight, this mobile app is like a remote island with strictly limited access. You must obey Snapchat quirky rules or just leave it and never come back. But it’s time for a significant change. Snapchat world is now more accessible thanks to a bunch of useful tools.

Major marketers’ needs related to efficient operation on Snapchat are reflected in these solutions. But watch out for one thing. Snapchat owners don’t like third-party solutions which these tools are. You can be banned at the most unexpected moment. So check them out at your own risk.

To find or to be found on Snapchat

As you’re Snapchat newcomer, the first thing which probably could come to your mind is how to find people to follow. Of course, you can check out other social media profiles of your favourite figures or friends at first. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t, though. However, how can we meet someone we have never heard of or who is a Snapchat star?

Fortunately, database platforms such as Snapdex or GhostCodes tackle this problem. Their web navigation interface is pretty simple. You may pick one of the existing categories (music, marketing, entrepreneurs, places, etc.) including a bunch of Snapcodes ready to scan. When you can’t make up your mind, they would recommend you people to follow on Snapchat. 

Additionally, these tools allow promoting brand presence on this mobile app. You can add your company Snapchat profile into their database.

To save snaps

Ephemeral communication is the main reason why people have fallen in love with Snapchat. But sometimes, particularly when we want to keep great moments for longer than 24 hours, this feature makes you suffer torments. Because of awkwardness and clumsiness of the process of storing single snap on camera roll, Snapchat can scare people off. And you can’t save whole stories too. 

Thanks to third-party apps, it’s a bit different right now. Currently, there are plenty of Snapchat savers apps. Given the most trusted solutions, we have selected two of them. And it’s Ellie, which is (unfortunately) available only for Apple users. Yet Android users shouldn't fret. For them, Casper is, without questions, the best choice.

Commerce on Snapchat

Selling the products is the fundamental issue in business lifecycle. That’s why every entrepreneur has to be a trader in some way. Running one’s own business requires focusing on finding novel ways to improve sales results instantly.

Aside from recent Snapchat moves related to simplify its ad solutions, some other companies do try something similar. Do you imagine that you can sell products by screenshots? SnapMe app gives this option. In turn, MikMak supports developing native solution between social video and commerce experience. In other words, while people are watching snap including brand product, they can get more about it or even buy it without leaving this mobile app.

Data analytics

Nowadays data is the new gold. It’s a brand-new currency which is extremely important for business. Why? Because in case they understand it, it’s much easier for the companies to achieve goals and manage entire marketing budget more efficiently. To put it simply, a company knows better its strengths and weaknesses, an environment of operation as well as its audience, a target group.

Although Snapchat still lacks analytical tool, it’s doesn’t mean brand activities on this mobile app must be based on presumptions only. Market abhors a vacuum, so a few startups attempt to fill this gap.

You can manage your snaps using Mish Guru. Apart from post scheduling and analytics tracking, you can also repost interesting snaps. Leveraging user-generated content is possible on Snapchat. Another tool, which you have to check out, is Storyheap. Why does it stand out from its rivals? You can additionally beef up your stories using Storyheap Studio feature. And last but not the least - Snaplytics. If you seek to hire James Bond of Snapchat it will be something for you. Snaplytics helps your business outperform competitors. It might be your intel (entirely legal of course).

Does Snapchat need a curator? Of course

A few weeks ago, we mentioned that one of the important Snapchat drawbacks is a shortage of groups based on specific topics. And again another thirty-party company has helped out Snapchat in this case. For Snapchat community, Snappd what Google Reader or Feedly is for people looking for a content aggregator. You can also call it as Snapchat client/ manager/ curator.

It’s such a great app because it combines multiple functionalities. When you start experiencing its amazingness, you can’t live without it. On the one hand, Snappd is not a substitute for Snapchat. On the other hand, this mobile app highlights that Snapchat is a future of mobile social TV which is waiting around the corner. 

Customise your Snapchat code

Have you ever thought it’s high time to update your Snapchat code? When you want to do it directly on Snapchat, you can’t customise it. You can upload your profile photo, and that’s all. Snapchat doesn’t allow to change ghost or background colour. Snaptag Editor and Snapcodes come to your aid with these features. 

Be in touch with Snapchat

Would you like to keep up to date with the latest news related to Snapchat but so far you couldn’t find a comprehensive source? Honestly, it doesn’t exist. Fortunately, there’s a place where this news is aggregated daily. Inside Snap is an excellent newsletter by Inside crew providing recent, valuable information regarding Snapchat.

It’s also a great example that email as a marketing channel is still alive, feels pretty good and it’s unsinkable. Inside Snap is, along with our blog, of course, a primary source of inspirational issues related to Snapchat.

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