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Snapchat Marketing Insider: Journey Jewelers

It’s quite easy to find big companies which operate on Snapchat. They are also quoted in many articles as the examples how other brands should adapt to peculiar environment of this mobile app. Snapchat wasn’t created only for corporations, though. There’s a huge group of smaller enterprises which should have a chance to be here too. That’s why we caught up on this marketing shortage for small and medium-sized business.

We’re kicking off “Snapchat Marketing Insider”, a Q&A-based project in order to promote Snapchat best practices among small and medium businesses. Every month, we will invite one entity from SME sector which is active on Snapchat to share its unique marketing experiences with others. We’re launching this series with precious stuff. We spoke with Robert Sanchez, the owner of Journey Jewelers. You can find this family business from Oklahoma on Snapchat as journeyjewelers. Enjoy the read!

Why did you get your business on Snapchat?

Robert Sanchez: I noticed Snapchat was getting a lot of attention and that some individuals were extreme Snapchat followers. I really really love the filters and geo filters.

So what’s the role of Snapchat in your business?

RS: Snapchat is my third option for social media marketing. Our store uses Snapchat for behind the scenes. I really want to get the attention of millennials and younger and get our company marketed on their brain.

Journey Jewelers on Snapchat

What’s the main advantage you’d like to take of this mobile app?

RS: To help build a relationship and have our followers get to know us. I want individuals to think of Journey Jewelers as a brand/person.

And what are the major challenges in Snapchat marketing?

RS: Growing my Snapchat followers. It is hard sometimes for people to find someone else on Snap. I wish there was an easier way to be found easier or noticed better. I do like the snap codes I think that is really neat.

What should Snapchat improve immediately?

RS: I love how people can use a filter to show what restaurant they are or place. I wish I could add my company name. Then I could offer a discount if they snap that they are at my location. I haven't found a way to add our store.

Should Snapchat remain the Gen Y focused mobile app or should it rather try to attract broader audience?

RS: I think slowly other gens are catching on but I like that I can reach a younger audience and they can learn about our business.

What’s your favourite Snapchat feature?

RS: Geo-filters because I can create a geo-filter and set it up at certain events. Snapchat individuals love using filters and geo-filter. I like that the price isn't very expensive because it lets small business like mine compete.

What, following the launch of Spectacles, should Snap roll out next?

RS: I think it would be awesome if they built a marketplace where businesses can post their products and guests can buy. This would be very convenient.

What’s your favourite Snapchat character: pug dog, dancing hot dog or something else?

RS: Dancing grandma is HILARIOUS.

dancing grandmother filter on Snapchat

What could Snapchat do for your business?

RS: Advertising in between peoples snaps.

t-shirt with Snapchat code

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