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Snapchat Marketing Insider: Moroso Spa

After a while, we continue with sharing information about another business with you. It believes and develops its marketing force thanks to Snapchat. Additionally, it takes advantage of not only this mobile app but also of another existing tools which are attributed to Snap domain.

This company represents a really unique approach. A brand has its own snapstyle, which is tough to copycat. It’s one of its kind. Thus, it’s impossible to get bored watching its snaps. These snaps are addictive and immediately hook your attention. This company has achieved a top-notch status because of possessing great communication competence along with delivering amazing experience related to its products.

The case of Moroso Spa proves that you don’t have to be a huge international company to get to know how to embrace the latest tech trends. This Italian family company, which was founded in 1952, has not only a knack for generating the buzz on the market of interior design but also can inspire other brands to consider entering into the quirky digital world where short videos are only temporarily available (they disappear after a while) and people create bitmojis to turn them into virtual heroes.

We’re talking to Marco Valentinsig, digital marketing manager at Moroso Spa. You can find this family business from Italy on Snapchat as morosofficial. Enjoy reading!

Why did you get your business on Snapchat?

Marco Valentinsig: We decided to enter into Snapchat market because it’s a big opportunity for our business. Snapchat offers a unique visibility that is not captured in our sector and we’re the only ones to communicate on this platform. Moreover, Snapchat has a much higher user loyalty rate than any other social media.

What’s the role of Snapchat in your business?

MV: Snapchat for Moroso is becoming a primary social network because the contents published are exclusive and not visible on any other platform. Thanks to the strategy we have created through the use of "Spectacles campaign", we’re taking users from an external point of view to an internal one. There’s a great difference between filming a craftsman who does his job and a craftsman who films himself, our fans are going crazy for that!!

What’s the main advantage you’d like to take of this mobile app and why?

MV: The biggest advantage is certainly the awareness of the brand with a consequent increase in the contract leverage. But we didn’t open Snapchat channel just for this reason. Another important aspect is young users who will increasingly have more purchasing power in the future and this is undoubtedly an important information to keep in mind.

What are the major challenges in Snapchat marketing?

MV: For us, this type of marketing currently doesn’t reserve a difficulty of visibility towards the competitors, also because there are no other interior design brands at the moment. But the real difficulty is to be able to communicate something new, something that users can see only on this platform. This is our point of view, we decided to set this channel as our "behind the scenes". So we want to make it clear to users that if they follow us on Snapchat, they will be able to see unpublished contents every day.

What should Snapchat improve immediately?

MV: Rather than improving something, it would be more useful to have a precise scheme of how to reach the different targets. A bit like all platforms the information related to the objectives is not clear indeed, we continue to earn points discovering by ourselves. The fact of revealing a sort of point scheme would bring Snapchat into a pure gamification theme. This would be great!

Should Snapchat remain the Gen Y focused mobile app or should it rather try to attract broader audience?

MV: I believe that Snapchat is expanding as a platform. In our specific case, we already have the first sign of broader audience because contents are not only displayed by the younger but follow by agents, salesmen who follow the progress of the projects they sold in production showing them to the end customer.

What’s your favourite Snapchat feature? Why?

MV: It’s undoubtedly the possibility of making videos in a round format. This type of format offers the opportunity to play a lot with the type of contents that can be created. Users almost always navigate vertically but we’re studying forms of non-traditional advertising, where users rotating the video can discover or search for hidden elements in a video.

What, following the launch of Spectacles, should Snap roll out next? A smartphone, Spectacles 2.0, a flying car?

MV: Our digital equipe is waiting impatiently for the launch of the Spectacles 2.0. The next Spectacles generation will add the augmented reality feature that will give an incredible turn to our communication. In this regard, we’re already creating a very interesting campaign that will be based exclusively on virtual reality focused on our made in Italy.

What’s your favourite Snapchat character: pug dog, dancing hot dog or something else?  

MV: Our favourite character is our art director, Patrizia Moroso, who we’ve recreated through the use of bitmoji. Our art director is the fulcrum of the company. Patrizia created the first relationships with designers, with partners and established what is today our communication and company philosophy. For this reason, we’re inserting Patrizia’s bitmoji in a joking and funny way inside our snaps.

Snapchat Insider: Moroso

In general, what could Snapchat do for your business?

MV: Always talking about relationships, Snapchat is reducing the distance between brand and audience. This platform is shortening the distance between our fans and customers. Shortening distance doesn’t just mean talking to consumers more closely. It means getting closer to a possible sale, it means a better communication of the brand in a few words "loyalty".
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