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Snapchat can jump, NBA can take a snap. NBA on Snapchat

Amazing slam jams, impressive set of assists, gorgeous cheerleaders and extraordinary dynamics of every match - this is, among others, what millions of people across the world love in NBA. Moreover, do you know that basketball is one of the most popular sports disciplines among Snapchat users too? Surprised? Thrilled? If you are, just learn more.

In 1891, when Canadian teacher James Naismith came up with this game - as a response on needs to fulfil actively time for his gym class on rainy days - he wouldn't expect that it has become a global sports phenomenon. Currently, people from over 200 countries are involved in watching the NBA finals and all-star games every year.

A golden age for NBA won’t be ever perished because of fresh air aka next generations. Thanks to icons such as Chuck Cooper, Wilt Chamberlain, Michael Jordan, Karl Malone, Kobe Bryant and LeBron James, this sports discipline is still unpredictable and whimsical. And now you can follow its rising stars and be a victim of creation another chapter of NBA history just on your smartphone.   

Let’s this painstakingly fact-checked list of NBA clubs will be an enhancement of feelings which you experience watching NBA match in telly or live. Don’t let slip from your memory invite NBA to your list of Snapchat friend too.

Eastern Conference, Atlantic Division

Boston Celtics

Snapchat: celtics

Brooklyn Nets

Snapchat: brooklynnets

New York Knicks

Snapchat: nyknicks

Philadelphia 76ers

Snapchat: sixers

Toronto Raptors

Snapchat: raptors

Eastern Conference, Central Division

Chicago Bulls

Snapchat: chicagobulls

Cleveland Cavaliers

Snapchat: cavs

Detroit Pistons

Snapchat: nbapistons

Indiana Pacers

Snapchat: indianapacers

Milwaukee Bucks

Snapchat: bucksdotcom

Eastern Conference, Southeast Division

Atlanta Hawks

Snapchat: hawkssnaps

Charlotte Hornets

Snapchat: hornets

Miami Heat

Snapchat: miamiheat

Orlando Magic

Snapchat: magicnba

Washington Wizards

Snapchat: washwizards

Western Conference, Southwest Division

Dallas Mavericks

Snapchat: mavs

Houston Rockets

Snapchat: houstonrockets

Memphis Grizzlies

Snapchat: grizzliesnba

New Orleans Pelicans

Snapchat: pelicansnba

San Antonio Spurs

Snapchat: officialspurs


Western Conference, Northwest Division


Denver Nuggets

Snapchat: nuggets

Minnesota Timberwolves

Snapchat: timberwolvesmn

Oklahoma City Thunder

Snapchat: okcthunder

Portland Trail Blazers

Snapchat: trailblazers

Utah Jazz

Snapchat: utahjazz

Western Conference, Pacific Division

Golden State Warriors

Snapchat: warriors

Los Angeles Clippers

Snapchat: clippers

Los Angeles Lakers

Snapchat: lakerssnaps

Phoenix Suns

Snapchat: phoenixsuns

Sacramento Kings

Snapchat: sacramentokings

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