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This is why Snapchat is a television of today (and tomorrow starts today)

After bringing out its first device, Spectacles, Snapchat has been dubbed a camera company by tech pundits. Some of them arguably expected that it’s an initial step of transition from being a messaging app into the entirely hardware enterprise. This change hasn’t taken place though because it’s not Snapchat’s ultimate destination. Tech values are important for Spiegel’s team to get to build something bigger.

Let’s make it clear: Snap company has been turning into a full-fledged mainstream media company. And no, it’s not a slip of the pen, this process is taking place right now. This mobile communication app - dominated until recently by the youth - has been encroaching onto media market controlled by big international players. Snapchat by no means stakes a claim for a piece of traditional media market. It doesn’t think much of such an approach because it’s a game-changer.

Snapchat doesn’t question current media order. Its owners are preparing us for what they have never seen before: a real social-mobile television. It’s not a tech paper tiger at all. As far as you know, many experts and companies have presaged that era of social, mobile telly is incoming. But we have never experienced it. Now, thanks to Snapchat, it’s a little different situation.

Snapchat recent moves are based on solid foundations. Its business idea is related to the concept of media based on multilevel integration involving social media interaction along with peer-to-peer ephemeral communication, mobile accessibility (everywhere, every time) delivering short, concrete messages. It’s not only as spectacular as it was written.

Some of the big traditional media companies didn’t need to persuade them to this vision. They began to adapt to the inevitable media reality. One of them is US Forbes team which do great work on Snapchat. Although they don’t snap so often - approximately 1-2 times a week - they make up for it by focusing on providing quality over quantity stories.

Forbes recent snaps referred to Blue Apron’s IPO. Last Thursday of June this meal-kit delivery company went public. The American grocery industry gained a new entity at the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).

Blue Apron’s IPO by Forbes on Snapchat

Blue Apron crew is waiting for IPO on NYSE

Despite unattractiveness of the initial public offering (IPO) for the audience, Snapchat tools can change this approach. Adding comments and interesting information on photos and shuffling between official and unofficial (behind the scene) shots - together that stuff makes coverage much authentic and realistic. And Forbes team knows how to achieve it.

The founders of Blue Apron on Snapchat

Blue Apron appears on NYSE

Blue Apron’s IPO by Forbes on Snapchat is also an example how well-shaped investor relations event should look like today. PR specialists, professionals and managers have to pay attention if they don’t want to get left behind.

Interesting facts related to Blue Apron only on Snapchat

Product showcase by Blue Apron on Snapchat

The end of Blue Apron story on Snapchat by Forbes

This kind of coverage is not an exception when it comes to the social-mobile reality of television. Forbes team also do a superb job making coverages of others issues such as following food trends in California or predicting the future of coffee industry on Snapchat. Let’s face it: social-mobile telly starts here, on Snapchat. Be there or be square - your choice.

Next time, we will show you that a future of sports coverage is cropping up on Snapchat too.


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