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Top 13 (almost free) tricks to promote your business on Snapchat

This mobile app has stolen many hearts and minds. It doesn’t matter whether you’re teen, alumni, 30-year-old someone or young parent. Although growing popularity, Snapchat owners still haven’t prepared marketing toolbox to showcase Snap profile outside. Fortunately, there are many (100 percent legal of course) solutions to do it without asking them for help.

Snapping (sending photos or videos), texting/ streaking and (of course) daily stories are the features which hugely draw us to this mobile app for 20-30 minutes every day. However, particularly if you run business, communication with the audience doesn’t make a sense in case you can’t inform them that you’re here.

To cope with this torment, we’re giving you a comprehensive set of marketing tricks. Use them wisely.


1. Promote your Snapchat presence on brand website

Make sure that your Snapchat address is clickable.

Website of Greats brand


2. Put it in your Instagram bio

Instagram profile of Set in Paris company


3. Insert your Snap name in Twitter bio

Don’t forget this trick only works when someone can click on it.

Atlanta Falcons' Twitter


4. Leave Snapchat URL in About section of your Facebook page

At first sight, this tiny update looks insignificant. But remember that “penny saved is a penny gained”.

Fanpage of Insider


5. Make some stickers with your Snapchat code

Distribution is as crucial as making them.

Snapchat stickers on the streets


6. Put your Snapchat URL in email footer, newsletter

Snapchat URL looks following: https://snapchat.com/add/username. Everyone who clicks on it will add you. Simple formula.  


7. Buy t-shirt with your own Snapchat code

We can do it for you, for example :). You can choose from six colors, many sizes both for man and woman.


8. Conduct cross-promotion among your Twitter/Facebook fans    


9. Prepare digital sticker with username and publish it on social media then


10. Take care of your presence on Snapchat during offline meetings

It’s especially related to the events in which you participate.

Scottish Team on Snapchat


11. Submit your Snap code to Ghostcodes site

It’s the biggest online database of Snapchat community. Thanks to this app, people can effortlessly discover or check out whether their favorite stars are snapping or not.


12. Upload your Snapchat code on Facebook or Twitter as profile photo


13. Embrace advertising on Facebook (paid option)

Using Audience Insights tool, you will easily carry it out, for sure.

Facebook's Audience Insights

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