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Victoria’s Secret Angels on Snapchat

The fashion industry and beauty brands have one, crucial thing in common. Without it, they couldn't get international, global recognition. It's a modeling sector. The female beauties like Cindy Crawford or Naomi Cambell helped them to break and change buttoned-down reality delivering intimate feelings on a daily basis.

Victoria's Secret had an impact on the way of this transformation. This NY-based apparel company has convinced women that sexy underwear shouldn't be a taboo. To achieve it, Victoria's Secret perfectly matched its business to the human face of fashion. It has inserted female beauty as an art to mainstream.

By then, many models have become supermodels and celebrities. However, they are many misconceptions around modeling. Many reckon that models' job is easy and not hard. In other words, they earn a lot of money for doing nothing special. Additionally, egoism, hedonism, and immaturity - these things are often associated with the image of female modeling.

In point of fact, truth is entirely different. Female beauties work hard; often several hours daily for many days in a row. Models do as best as they can far away from their loved ones. Because they don't get from 9 AM to 5 AM, a line between work and life is blurred. They pay the high price.

Their life is not daunting, though. They enjoy it too.

So if you want to get to know the full spectrum of being a female model, take a look at Snapchat profiles of the Victoria's Secret Angels below.

Their snaps are worth a thousand gossips.


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