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We know what Snapchat users think about Spectacles

Coming with vivid yellow charging case, the holiday-styled device looks so classy that shouldn’t be a surprise that everyone wants to wear it. But apart from a perfect appearance, do Snapchat glasses offer anything more than the lenses? Is it the real treat or not? Here’s what we’ve found out. 

By Spectacles release, Snapchat kicked off a new chapter in its history. These interactive glasses introduced Spiegel's team to the world of camera/ tech companies. But is it a beginning of big thing for Snapchat or just its paper tiger? 

To check it, we asked some of the Spectacles users to share their experiences with us. Although they're entrepreneurs, their viewpoints are consumer-centric, showing a different angle of Spectacles. Andrew, Brandon, Greg, Justin - guys, thanks for your feedback. 

Additionally, we selected some wrap-ups of reviews by designers, IT experts and marketers, which make up a full spectrum on this issue. So if you're curious about perspective on video, a relationship between recording and storytelling, take a look below.


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