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What can your business learn from sports on Snapchat

Running and growing (whether it’s small or big) business is like running a  marathon. Sometimes you have to speed up and reinforce your current position. From time to time, you have to slow down to save stamina and avoid fizzling out closer to the end of the race.  As an entrepreneur, being still hungry in many fields is equally important. One of the best ways to learn it is to temporarily look at things from a new perspective. So let’s assume a laid-back attitude and take a glance at what you can draw from sports field on Snapchat.

For many of you, the first thing to ask would be: why soccer clubs? What’s interesting in a discipline consisting of 2 teams of 11 football players each, especially on Snapchat? What value would that represent to you, apart from highlighting repetitive trainings, setting up cut and dried press conferences and circulating rumours from the dugout? In fact, there are fascinating things to be found on sports threads on Snapchat. Sports people presence on this mobile app surprises us regularly. While snapping, they act out of the box and they do it excellently.

With every taken snap, they provide a fresh air as well as a stake of proofs for everybody who doesn’t believe in Snapchat as a serious and integral part of the social media world. The clubs from the Big Five (from German Bundesliga, British Premier League to Italian Serie A, Spanish Primera Division and French Ligue 1) lift up a threshold of Snapchat experience not only for sports environment but for the whole community.

So business owners, stop in your tracks. Pay attention to totally different thing. Fresh up your attitude and point of view. Study the greats - this is what you should stick to in your mind after reading this post.

Reason #1: they not only speak but also listen

You may claim that setting up a Q&A session live is a piece of cake. You’re right but remember about one thing. It’s drawing someone’s attention. This is quite challenging to create a compelling interview which could catch people’s eye for 20 minutes, for example. Focus on involving your fans, customers, audience into this venture, at first. Let them guide its theme.

Q&A on Snapchat

Reason #2: Everyone has an individual story

Whatever the sports team or company is, every entity is driven by human force. Don’t be shy and show interesting facts related to your business field, your branch or employees who constitute your success. People prefer companies with a story behind including distinctive business tension.  

Unique stories on Snapchat

Reason #3: No one can copycat your work-life style

A nature of corporate culture is one of the most crucial factors impacting on whether someone would work in this company or just pick another. That’s why many firms and brands embrace Snapchat as a pillar of their employer branding strategy. No one believes in beautifully designed brochures, flyers nor candy ads in telly. In the face of pressure of showing transparency on internet, everyone wants to see for themselves how genuine the advertised work-life is without any particular efforts.

Work-life on Snapchat

Reason #4: Enrich Snapchat experience

At first sight, football is quite a plain sports discipline. However, thanks to new technology, it has become a complex and intricate sphere. The football clubs from the Big Five generate enormously many ideas pushing Snapchat ahead. New words (snaptoon, snaprepmatch, snapgraph), a new form of engagement - all in all they’re very resourceful.

How to engage on Snapchat

Unique features on Snapchat

Mascots' friendship on Snapchat

Autographs on Snapchat

Snaptoon aka cartoon on Snapchat

Reason #5: Foster a loyal audience

A friend in need is a friend indeed. The situation is the same when it comes to relationship between business and its audience. Your fans form together an invaluable arcane force. They would be always with you regardless of what happens. They’re your precious diamonds. Having your own unique geofilters may turn out to be your great asset to both reach them and keep them.

Geofilter is a best way to build loyal audience on Snapchat

Reason #6: Tiny secrets worth sharing

Things unknown, especially wrapped in mystery, are more desirable than anything else. People like surprise gifts, riddles, and suspense because it all makes them feel excited. Thus, some people follow brands and companies on social media to be up-to-date with the latest solutions. In fact, boredom kills interest and curiosity in people. These kinds of stimulants present around brand, allow people to be constantly active, brisk and hungry for new ideas.

Sneak peek on Snapchat

Reason #7: Everyone has to have the same chance

Promoting diversity and gender equality are extremely important these uneasy days. Even if you operate in masculine dominated environment, it’s not too late to break some barriers. These football clubs demonstrate that impossible is possible. We undertake many things towards better future; to build a better world for our kids, the next generations which should live in the world free from biases and prejudices.

Gender equality by football clubs on Snapchat

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