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Would you like to be a big fish in your business? Then follow these guys on Snapchat

For sure, when you conjure up “social media” and B2B sphere, LinkedIn comes to your mind as a prime destination for this issue. But we recommend you to reconsider business approach for one thing. Snapchat is not only for the youth anymore. According to the recent data, over 40% of its audience is 25+. Heading for mature level, entrepreneurial spirit is growing in strength on Snapchat.

When Snapchat kicked off a few years ago, it was perceived as communication solution for young people. It was truly designed to be understandable only by them. Two features: weird and new-fangle swipe-based interface as well as temporary messages without comments and likes were warmly welcomed by adolescents and teens. This mobile app became their entire world. Thus, many (and mainly) global brands appeared on Snapchat to take advantage of its appeal to the young generation.

As a natural part of evolution of every social media platform, Snapchat users are getting older. More and more companies, including small entities, enter the world of this mobile app with different purposes. It's not only a convenient means of communication between the employees and an excellent occasion for exchanging their point of view, it's also a commonly used channel by CEOs and owners to share their unique insights. Other founders send snap for fun or having a clear plan delivering a light of inspiration.

No matter, what’s the current role of Snapchat in your marketing strategy, this mobile app is striving for be a combo of Fortune magazine and LinkedIn in a video format. So if you feel you need to take entrepreneurship energy drink every day, we pick for you a bunch of business guys who share what they do and love on Snapchat. Among them, you’ll find hustlers, mongers, heavyweight marketers and creative freaks.

Asia Zukowska
CEO of Colibri
On Snapchat appears as: asia.zukowska

Ben West
Co-founder of Great Climate Race
On Snapchat appears as: WesternEye

Danny Sullivan
CCO of Third Door Media as well as co-founder of Search Engine Land
On Snapchat appears as: sullivandanny

Gary Vaynerchuk
CEO of VaynerMedia and VaynerSports
On Snapchat appears as: garyvee

Gerry van der Walt
Co-founder of Wild Eye
On Snapchat appears as: gerryvanderwalt

Grant Cardone
Founder of Cardone Enterprises and Cardone Real Estate Holdings
On Snapchat appears as: grantcardone

Jessica Alba
Founder of The Honest Company
On Snapchat appears as: jessicaalba

John Rampton
Founder of DUE
On Snapchat appears as: johnrampton

Karlie Kloss
Supermodel and founder of Kode with Klossy
On Snapchat appears as: karliekloss

Noah Kagan
Founder of AppSumo
On Snapchat appears as: noahkagan

Puff Daddy
Legendary rapper, founder of Sean John and Combs Enterprises, CMO of Ciroc,
On Snapchat appears as: puffdaddy

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