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Yes, Snapchat can change the world, for good

Let’s face it: there’s a lot of bad news related to Snapchat. I don’t mean the Snap condition on Wall Street. I do mean how people use this mobile app. They (not all of course) snap improperly. Thus, for some people, Snapchat is associated with illegal acts or crime.

Media inform us that people use this mobile app to steal school test or do something worse and worse. Additionally, sexting heritage is still pointed out to Snapchat. And sometimes it still happens, though.

However, I don’t believe it’s a big problem for Snapchat. Media feed us bad news because of they're clickable. If you would believe the media accounts, the world plunged into darkness. While we know it’s not a truth, so let’s look at bright side of Snapchat. There’s a lot of it.

Let’s take our investigation at face value.

As mass immigration became a world problem, Snapchat has helped to fight with prejudice and lies regarding people who were forced to leave their homes



It arouses social activities among youth, effectively



Thanks to this mobile app, it’s possible to raise awareness about how lack of freedom of speech is dangerous



And it’s the similar situation when it comes to telling about child sexual exploitation

On Medium, Claire Wood, the strategist of Leith agency, shared details of a social campaign for Scottish Government. Its purpose was clear. It should both tell and educate young Scots about a type of sexual abuse which is extremely dangerous for them - the child sexual exploitation. This social campaign was based on 2-day snapdrama. Thanks to Snapchat, it reached a goal.


Snapchat endorses citizen journalism where it’s not respected nor legal



Supports people who are persecuted because of their sex orientation


Celebrates the freedom to read (and promotes reading as well)


Explains a complexity of current world problems and challenges for youth (and entices them to explore these matters)

Some time ago, ARD and ZDF, the national broadcasters from Germany, joined forces in order to establish a brand-new media outlet which will be fitted to a style of consumption information by people under the age of 30. And that was how Hochkant born. It really does a great work. 



Acts of goodness for animals

Mentions that history is important for mankind (and we can never forget about it)

History often repeats itself and we can’t ignore it. It was very important for sixteen young, budding journalists from Germany. They took a decision to launch sachor jetzt! (“remember now!”) project on Snapchat. They wanted to tell and share with their peers a snapstories about cruelty and nonsense of war.

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