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Your eyes couldn't believe how Snapchat has changed film industry. And these movies prove it.

These days, technology impacts on business stronger than ever. It paves way for new solution, opportunities. Especially, this is remarkable when you look at film business. Ubiquitous mobile usage caused that people will realize the first smartphone-shot movies, sooner or later.

But what would happen when social media met with a smartphone to make a film? The result would look like creative motion pictures developed by Snapchat app. Fortunately, it’s not only a pure imagination nor science fiction.

In 2016, Sundance Film Festival, the most important independent film festival in the world, launched a brand-new competition aimed at Snapchat filmmakers. They followed up to this year, closing submission of short stories in February. Currently, pupils from secondary school can enroll in an online 2-week course at Snapchat Film School. You shouldn’t miss watching Ani Acopian’s amazing reel too. It’s, no doubts, an essence of Snapchat filmmaking.

We all know it’s might be not enough to prove that burgeoning Snapchat film scene isn’t absurd. That’s why we’re giving you below a collection of a few movies which were (most of them) shot or influenced by this mobile app. They represent different film genres, from horror, thriller, document, a teen story with a tragic ending to hilarious adventure or videolog-styled short film.

We hope you enjoy watching them.

1. My Snapchat Adventure


2. SnapLove


3. 3 Seconds


4. MemE! True Hollywood Story


5. Snap



6. Sickhouse


7. Cracked Screen

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